· Sponsor a tree

· Sponsor a tree

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How to sponsor a tree?

… how?

It's fun, easy, simple, safe and in real time.

Click on "sponsor a tree now". This action will take you to the real map of La Magdalena estate. Stand on the plot that is activated.

Select a tree from that plot. You can choose from those that are available. If you do not find any tree available, contact us through the email contacto@tunaranjo.online, and we will notify you when we have new trees.

After clicking on the selected tree, two options will appear. Both options have the same price, and all oranges and mandarins are certified by the Organic Farming Committee of the Valencian Community (CAECV).

You will enjoy from September to the end of November, 54 kg. of clementines grown on La Magdalena, see Variety Calendar

You will extend the distribution time of your harvest, from September to mid-May, as well as the number of varieties to taste. Check Variety Calendar

We have compared your 54 kg harvest into 12 units of 4.5 kg each. (4.5 kg x 12 units = 54 kg).

Based on our experience and in order to respond to the needs of each one of you, we have created these formats, which you can choose or combine as you wish.

Gourmet (4.5 kg equals 1 unit)
Standard (9 kg equals 2 units)
Family (13.5 kg equals 3 units)

You will also indicate the name you want to give your tree.

Transport is not included in the sponsorship contribution. Consult Shipping costs.
The last step in the sponsorship protocol is the formalization of the payment. Your contribution will be 89 euros. You will immediately receive your sponsorship certificate and an email confirming the order.

In a period of 24 to 48 hours, your harvest-voucher of 54 kg (12 units), will appear on my wish list (lista de deseos) from the control panel.

This tree, your orange tree, will bear the name you have chosen and you will receive its picture via Whatsapp.

The sponsorship period is one year. After twelve months you can renew, by mutual agreement, your sponsorship for one more year and so on until you wish.

With organic farming practices we improve the health of our trees and their habitat, thereby increasing the quality of the product is in detriment of quantity. Your contribution is intended to satisfy all the care that makes this harvest possible over a period of one year. In the framework of what we understand as fair trade, your contribution helps us cover the costs of the entire process, including collection and packaging in individual, personalized and 100% recyclable boxes.

Harvesting is an artisan process, handmade, done with care. Every day the most mature fruits are selected to ensure their quality and this action means time. To prepare the orders, oranges are placed, one by one, in the boxes; These are sealed, labeled and left ready for the carrier to pick them up. A whole process, carried out by people who earn a decent salary, since we commit ourselves to respect and take care not only of the product we deliver, but also of the people involved in it.

… why ?

In addition to benefit your health.

You will experience the flavor, aroma and freshness of freshly harvested natural oranges and mandarins, direct from the field to your table. As we enjoy them in our house.

You will protect that orange tree during the sponsorship period.

You will have, from September to May and at a fixed price, a harvest of 54 kg of mandarins and / or oranges cultivated with ecological practices and certified by the Organic Farming Committee of the Valencian Community (CAECV).

In our image gallery (Galeria de imagenes) you can see photos from La Magdalena orchard that will allow you to see the different stages of the tree's growth until the fruit is harvested. What turns sponsorship into an experience of approach to Nature: the land, the field, the trees, its fruits, ... creating healthy and educational links, especially for the little ones.

You will enjoy a 10% discount on all the products in our online store (Tienda online).

You can visit our orchard, the habitat of your orange tree, and see your sponsored one. For this you will enjoy up to 20% discount on some accommodations in the area. As we explain in Come visit us.

If you wish, you can participate, as long as the weather lets us, in the harvesting of our mandarins, grown in La Magdalena orchard. For every farmer, the moment of harvesting is a very special moment, that we wish to celebrate with you. We will inform you via email about open door harvest dates.

You will carry out an act of solidarity towards the land, towards the countryside and towards a committed and natural agriculture.

You will contribute also in the creation of CO2 sinks (C02 emission compensation).

You will support a beautiful project, made with the heart and inspired by the model of Natural Farming of Masanobu Fukuoka, the tenacity of Sebastiao Salgado and his wife Lélia in their reforestation work and the commitment of environmental care that Amma supports.

Building links

An emotional bond will be born between you and your orange tree.

He will link you to each of the trees in the garden, to the whole ecosystem and finally to the generosity of nature, that you will enjoy through its harvest.

If you wish, you can visit the habitat of your orange tree and for this we offer you discounted accommodation Come visit us.

Season's fruit

The fruit will remain on the tree until ripe and will only be harvested on request.

It will go directly from the garden to your house, maintaining its properties and ensuring maximum freshness.